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Electric Bike Youin BK1400R DAKAR 20" 25 km/h

Electric Bike Youin BK1400R DAKAR 20" 25 km/h

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Embrace the future of commuting and leisure riding with the Electric Bike Youin BK1400R DAKAR. This state-of-the-art electric bike combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, delivering an unmatched experience for tech-savvy riders.


  • Bold Red Aesthetics: Make a statement with the vibrant red finish of the Youin BK1400R DAKAR. Ride not only with power but with unmatched style that turns heads on every journey.
  • Adjustable Height for Custom Comfort: Tailor your riding experience with the adjustable height feature, ensuring that your electric bike suits your unique preferences and provides a comfortable ride.
  • Built-In LCD Display: Stay informed and in control with the built-in LCD screen. Track your speed, battery level, and other essential information at a glance, making your ride safer and more enjoyable.
  • Powerful 250W Motor: Cruise effortlessly with the 250W motor, providing the perfect balance between power and efficiency. Conquer inclines, navigate urban terrain, and enjoy a smooth, dynamic ride.
  • Impressive Speeds of 25 km/h: Reach your destination faster with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The Youin BK1400R DAKAR ensures that you arrive promptly while maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to transportation.
  • Long-Lasting 10,000mAh Battery: Power through your day with confidence. The electric bike is equipped with a high-capacity 10,000mAh battery, offering an approximate autonomy of 45 km on a single charge.
  • Versatile 7-Speed Gear System: Adapt to various terrains and riding conditions effortlessly with the 7-speed gear system. Whether you're cruising through the city or tackling challenging landscapes, find the perfect gear for every situation.
  • Supports Up to 130 kg: Built for durability, the Youin BK1400R DAKAR can accommodate riders weighing up to 130 kg, ensuring a robust and reliable performance for riders of various sizes.
  • European Plug for Convenience: The electric bike comes with a European plug, making it convenient for users in European regions. Simply plug in, charge up, and embark on your next adventure.
  • Designed for Adult Riders: Tailored for adults, this electric bike is ideal for those who appreciate the fusion of technology, style, and functionality in their daily commute or leisure rides.
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