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Beach Spades with Ball Juinsa 700806 2

Beach Spades with Ball Juinsa 700806 2

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Elevate your child's beach day with the Beach Spades with Ball Juinsa 700806 2. Crafted for quality playtime, this set is perfect for kids who love a combination of sand, sun, and laughter. Bring the best to your little ones with Juinsa and other top brands, all at unbeatable prices!


  • Wooden Wonder: The Beach Spades with Ball set by Juinsa is made from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and endless hours of entertainment for your child. The wooden construction adds a touch of natural charm to beach play.
  • Recommended for Ages 3+: Tailored for the developmental stage of children aged 3 and above, this set is designed with safety and enjoyment in mind. Let your little ones explore the joys of beach games with age-appropriate tools.
  • Assorted Designs for Added Excitement: Each set comes with assorted designs, adding an element of surprise and delight for your child. The vibrant and varied designs make beach play even more engaging and visually appealing.
  • Language-Friendly Fun: The set includes instructions in Spanish (ES), making it accessible and easy for kids to understand and follow. Encourage language development while they enjoy their beach adventure.
  • Perfect for 2 Players: Whether playing with a friend, sibling, or parent, the Beach Spades with Ball set is designed for two players. Foster social interaction and cooperative play as your child engages in friendly beach competitions.
  • Includes Ball for Versatile Play: The addition of a ball enhances the play possibilities. From spade games to ball tossing, this set offers versatile ways for kids to stay active and entertained by the shore.
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