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Composite stick Bauer Vapor Youth Jr 1058977

Composite stick Bauer Vapor Youth Jr 1058977

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  • Composite stick Bauer Vapor for Children.
  • Referring to the Prodigy 20 Flex model.
  • It is a model designed for small beginners, is packed with modern technology and helps young hockey players perfect their passes and finishes.
  • The stick has similar properties to the Vapor senior hockey sticks.
  • Compared to previous models, the weight has been significantly reduced, which is an important parameter, especially in the case of children's hockey sticks.
  • In addition, the stick has better balance, better performance and a 14% more impact resistant shaft.
  • The paddle has the ideal stiffness for this age category, allowing the disc to adhere better to the paddle and lift more easily.
  • Thanks to the easy bending of the stick, the hockey player also shoots easily, and the shot does not require as much force.
  • In addition to practical advantages, the model is distinguished by a unique red design.
  • The little athlete with the hockey stick will make an impression when he brings it to the ice for the first time.


  • Purpose Ice hockey, field player, children
  • Easy Release Technology
  • Construction Composite, Lightweight, 2 Piece
  • Koppozyt spatula

- Sport : Winter sports
- Producer : Bauer
- Product Type : Other Accessories
- Subcategory : Girls, Boys
- Material : Composite
- Gender : Kids
- Colour : Black, Red
- MPN : 1058977
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