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Cruzaa E-Scooter PRO Racing White - with Built-in Speakers & Bluetooth

Cruzaa E-Scooter PRO Racing White - with Built-in Speakers & Bluetooth

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Experience a new era of effortless commuting with the Cruzaa Electric Scooter PRO Racing White. This premium sit-down scooter redefines your daily travels with speed, style, and a host of exclusive features. Crafted for the modern rider, the Cruzaa PRO is the epitome of luxury and convenience.


  • Brand: Cruzaa
  • Color: Racing White
  • Top Speed: 22 mph
  • Range: Up to 35 miles
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes, with Built-in Speakers
  • LED Screen: Smart Xenon Large Display
  • Detachable Battery: Yes
  • USB Port: Yes


  • Blazing Speed and Range: Cruise at a top speed of 22 mph and enjoy an impressive range of up to 35 miles. The Cruzaa PRO Racing White is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.
  • Sleek and Foldable Design: With a unique foldable frame, this electric scooter effortlessly combines style with practicality. Easily fold and carry your scooter wherever you go.
  • Smart Xenon LED Screen: Stay informed with the smart xenon large LED screen display. Track your speed, battery life, and more at a glance.
  • Built-in Speakers with Bluetooth: Take your ride to the next level with built-in speakers. Connect via Bluetooth to stream your favorite music while cruising through the city.
  • Detachable Battery: The beauty of a detachable battery lies in its portability. Charge it on the go and swap batteries for extended journeys.
  • USB Charging Port: Keep your devices powered on the move. The Cruzaa PRO features a built-in USB port for convenient device charging.
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