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Yoga set Asteya Spokey

Yoga set Asteya Spokey

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Embark on your yoga journey with confidence and comfort using the Spokey Asteya Yoga Set. This comprehensive set provides you with everything you need to enhance your yoga practice, whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi. This Spokey Asteya Yoga Set is your all-in-one solution to elevate your yoga practice. Whether you're aiming to improve flexibility, balance, or core strength, this set has you covered.  Invest in your well-being and yoga practice with the Spokey Asteya Yoga Set, designed to support your journey toward balance, flexibility, and inner peace.


  • Sport: Training
  • Producer: Spokey
  • Product Type: Other Accessories
  • Subcategory: Sets
  • Gender: Men, Women
  • Mat Material: PVC Foam
  • Ball Weight: 1000 g
  • Sizes: Yoga Mat (173 x 61 x 0.4 cm), Yoga Ball (65 cm), Yoga Dice (3" x 6" x 9"), Yoga Strap (183 x 3.8 cm)
  • MPN: 928925


  • Yoga Mat: The set features a PVC foam yoga mat with an anti-slip coating, ensuring stability and comfort during your practice. The generous dimensions (173 x 61 x 0.4 cm) provide ample space for various poses.
  • Yoga Dice: Improve your flexibility and perfect your poses with the included yoga dice. These 3" x 6" x 9" dice are invaluable tools for enhancing your yoga practice.
  • Yoga Ball: Diversify your training and engage all your muscles with the 65 cm yoga ball. It's perfect for adding a dynamic element to your exercises, helping you achieve balance and core strength.
  • Yoga Strap: The 183 x 3.8 cm yoga strap provides valuable support during challenging asanas, aiding you in maintaining proper alignment and stretching effectively.
  • Pump: The set includes a pump for quick and easy inflation of the yoga ball, so you can get started with your practice right away.
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